vMemo X is your Mac's ear!

At first vMemo is your virtual Notepad for MacOS X. But it is not one of the usual notepads you can find out there, where you write your memos down. With vMemo you can speak your notes! Just click the Record-button and start speaking! But thats just 1 out of many things you can do with vMemo, the multifunctional voice-capturing application. You also can record your own little songs or even capture directly from the radio! Feel free to modify the input source, sample rate, sample size, channels, compression and input level of the recordings. The voice-memos are stored in a special folder, but you can easily access them in a Memo List. The voice-notes are date-stamped , so you don't have to search for what you recorded last time.You also can give your memos names. Just double-click any note to listen to it, it can't be easier! Download vMemo today, and follow the one-time setup instructions and you can start recording! Get this multifunctional tool now!

A list of things you can do with vMemo:

-> Record notes that remind you on things you want to do

-> Record voice messages for voice-mails

-> Record your own little songs

-> Capture your favourite songs & shows on the radio

(just plug a stereo cable into your computer's microphone port, the other end you plug into your radio)

-> and all the other things you can think of!


* OS X native

*simple installation

*easy recording

*you can use many different microphones( including the standard built-in microphone)

*recorded memos contain date/time to make finding information easy

*info-button for detailed info of the memos (compression quality, sample rate, channels, etc.)

*you can rename your memos

*select the sample size and sample rate

*select the compression quality

*modify the number of input channels

*input & output volume control

*input volume indicator

*support for extern input sources (for example the radio)

*AGC (Auto Gain Control)

and much more...